30 jun. 2008

Carta a Yoko Ono con respecto al uso de "Give Peace a Chance" por el FSLN

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We write to you on behalf of the Nicaraguan population to draw your attention to a pressing matter that involves John Lennon’s song “Give Peace a Chance”

In Nicaragua, during the 2006 elections, the Sandinista Revolution Front created a new anthem by translating the song “Give Peace a Chance” and incorporating some messages to call voters to the polls. The government won the elections with 38% of the votes thanks to a change in the electoral law that Daniel Ortega himself (now our president) proposed while he was member of the National Assembly in 1997. Since he assumed power, he has started an unconstitutional ruling passing over many laws and regulations. Corrupt leaders of the FSLN party now control all the state powers, including the Supreme Justice Court.

Daniel Ortega has now become the oppressor he once fought against He is using the blood of our brothers who fought in the Nicaraguan Revolution to call people to support him, even thought he is now only seeking to protect his own interests which are far from being anything John Lennon, or you would stand for.

50% of Nicaraguans live in poor and inhumane conditions and 17% are considered to live miserably. There are no jobs, no educational opportunities, and the government has dedicated to support Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez and talk against all of Nicaragua’s International Cooperators, calling them “flies that dedicate to step on filth”. Apart from this, the government has annulled the juridical personality of the main political parties of opposition; which includes the party that was formed by Sandinistas that were against the authoritarian policies of Ortega and united to create their own party, the Sandinista Renovation Movement.

Dora Maria Tellez, a former revolutionary commandant started a 13 day hunger strike claiming that Nicaraguans are hungry and denouncing the institutional dictatorship that Ortega is creating. Now the Nicaraguan population is initiating a new pacific revolution using creative ways of protesting against the government.

John Lennon’s song isn’t the only one the FSLN has stolen. Carlos Mejia Godoy, a Nicaraguan composer who once fought along side Ortega has started a demand against the government to claim author rights. Ortega has declared that the songs Carlos Mejia wrote to inspire the Nicaraguan people to stand against the Somoza dictatorship are part of the patrimony of the FSLN political party.

We plead to you that you take this matter into consideration; the future of our country is threatened and it doesn't seem fair that Daniel Ortega is taking advantage of the the music and legacy of a man with principles, as John Lennon.

Here is a link of a video of Daniel Ortega’s campaign, which uses the song.


Please give Nicaragua a Chance!!

Youth for Nicaraguan Democracy
Managua, Nicaragua

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